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Maintenance Advanced Plan

 September 4, 2011     0 Comments

Advanced monthly plan includes:
-Daily check of the server (60hour/month) which includes solving problems on the server.
-Migration from server to server, and all the data on the server.
-Communication with the server support as needed.
-Script updates and sitemaps updates.
-Daily content changes(Up to 2 working hour/day) and monthly simple web design and functionality request.
-Image processing and Implementation(Up to 1000 photos/month).
-Photo Session(On Request)
-Receive e-mails and orders, making e-mail userbase and distribution of advertising material to subscribed users.
-Technical support via ticket service.
-Weekly local backup.
-For any other request contact us and we will found solutions for your needs.

Maintenance Advanced Plan(Minimum 3 months)

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