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What is Article marketing campaign that includes writing articles about your products and services in targeted areas and submission to more than 100 main articles directory(every 30 days, 5 articles, up to 500 words)?

 September 4, 2011     0 Comments

First you need to know what is Article Marketing.
Article marketing is a website promotion and Internet marketing tool that involves posting articles you have written or that have been written for you on one or more article syndication sites on the Internet.
Others may then republish your articles on their website or blog, resulting in spreading the word about the subject matter of your article.
When done properly, article marketing can be a highly effective, yet inexpensive means of promoting your business.
So,it is very important tool not only to promote your business or site but also to make more incoming links to your site and better page rank.
Results is very impressive and quickly visible.
We will write 5 article on month with no less then 500 words for you and distribute to more than 100 articles directory.
Sometimes this article will be published in more than 1000 different places in same time.
We will use our own articles directory and some of the most popular and best ranked directory on the web and also we will use article distribution service like ISNARE to distribute this article on other places.

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